The Maine Professional Ambulance Association was created in 1983 to provide a forum for private EMS agencies in the State of Maine to discuss issues, share information, and work cooperatively to improve the delivery of pre-hospital care to our customers.

In 1996, the Maine Ambulance Association reorganized under its new name and expanded its membership to include all EMS providers and agencies interested in the improvement of the management and delivery of emergency medical services in the State of Maine.

Since its reorganization, the Maine Ambulance Association has been actively involved in addressing the issues important to all of its constituency, including…


  • Sponsorship of programs and seminars in managerial and supervisory development.
  • Sponsorship of seminars and updates on the Negotiated Rule-making process.
  • Lobbying for changes with the State and National Legislatures on topics that impact the financial stability and efficient operation of the EMS system in the State of Maine.
  • Providing its membership with current information on the trends and changes in the National arena of the EMS system.